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Who We Are

We pride ourselves on providing excellent bail bonding services in both a personal and professional manner. North Carolina offices in Gastonia NC and Shelby NC.

Anthony's Bail Bonds Offices Gaston County NC Gastonia North Carolina Bondsman

Our Services

We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our bail bonding agents are available to serve you and help with any concerns which may arise during any part of the bail process.

Anthony's Bail Bonds Offices Gaston County NC Gastonia North Carolina Bondsman

Our Mission

Since we understand how difficult it might be contacting a bail bonding agency, our mission is to help friends and families reunite in the smoothest and quickest way possible.


To serve & help those who have been arrested get back to their families and lives until their opportunity for justice in a court of law.
At Anthony Bail Bonds we are here to provide a service with positive results while dealing with a not-so-positive situation. All we ask in return is that clients adhere to the laws & complete their obligation to the courts until their bond is exonerated.
Our goal is a relationship of mutual respect & voluntary exchange, and at Anthony Bail Bonds we will always be professional, respectful & available to you 24×7.


As a family operated bail bonding agency in Shelby and Gastonia NC, we have the opportunity to offer support on a personal level, so not one of our clients will ever be treated like a number. With caring and professional attention, we intend to make the sometimes distressing experience of posting bail easier.

Learn More About the Bail Process

At the Gastonia / Gaston County NC jail and the Shelby / Cleveland County NC jail the paperwork takes approximately 15-30 minutes. The release time after the jail receives our paperwork is generally one hour or less for local police stations and 2-10 hours for larger county jails. Generally speaking, the larger the holding facility, the longer it takes.

Typically the 10-15% premium is fully earned once the bail bond is posted with a jail or court. That is how bail agents and their surety companies make their money and pay their bills.

For this service, the defendant is charged a premium (typically 15% of the bail amount in North Carolina). For example, if the bail amount is $10,000.00, the premium charged is $1,500.00. Prior to the posting of the surety bond, the defendant, friend or relative must contact a licensed bail bonding agent. You can contact us at 980-888-0591 Gastonia / Gaston County NC or 704-807-6129 Shelby / Cleveland County NC. Once a bail agent is contacted, an interview or appointment will be immediately scheduled.

When the bond has been ordered exonerated by the court. This happens when:

  • The charges are dropped.
  • The person enters into a negotiated plea and is sentenced.
  • The person is granted deferred entry of judgment.
  • The person is found innocent at trial.
  • The person is sentenced at trial.

Some court jurisdiction sends written confirmation of the bond exoneration quickly, others are very behind and may require some research.

The bond will be ordered forfeited by the court and a bench warrant is issued for the person’s arrest. The warrant will be entered in State and National locator systems so that the fugitive may be apprehended. The Bail Bonding Agency will receive notice of the missed court appearance. The Bail Bonding Agency normally calls the person’s home, work, and other references to try to find the fugitive and arrange a new court date. If these efforts are unsuccessful, the Bail Bonding Agency may then search and employ apprehension specialists to arrest the fugitive. As the co-signer, you want to convince the fugitive to return to court as soon as possible. If the defendant reappears in court without delay then there will only be FTA fees or court costs. Typically, the longer the defendant delays making a new court date, the higher the fees will be. If ultimately the defendant has absconded and can not be located within the time allowed by the court, the entire amount of the bond must be paid.

You are no longer liable for the defendant’s bond when he/she has completed all of their court appearances. It is best to contact the agent when the bond is exonerated by the court, for the fast return of any collateral pledged and to confirm that the bond is exonerated. In the event of forfeiture, the defendant is liable until the full amount of the bail has been paid until the court exonerates the bond. The bond then becomes void.

What you should know when signing for a Bail Bond Indemnitor (CO-SIGNER):
It is the responsibility of the defendant to see that the premium is paid.
These premiums are not refundable and upon the release of the defendant are fully earned. It is the responsibility of the defendant or indemnitor to supply accurate information.

Anthony Bail Bonds Service Gastonia NC Bondsman
We focus in Shelby, Gastonia, Lincolnton and Charlotte NC and have a network of bail bond agents throughout the U.S.
24 Hour Emergency Anthony Bail Bonds Service Gastonia NC Bondsman
An bail bond agent will respond to your needs 24 hours a day-seven days a week, and will be able to offer immediate bail information.
Anthony Bail Bonds Service Gastonia NC Bondsman
We accept cash, money orders, credit cards and cashier checks for bail bonding services.
Anthony Bail Bonds Service Gastonia NC Bondsman
We extend credit to qualified applicants.

Prior to posting the bail we make sure that all of our clients’ questions have been answered and that they fully understand the bail process.


Out of so many options out there I can’t imagine anyone else being the best other than Anthony! He takes each call with urgency and he is quick to get things done. He’s also super personable , friendly , compassionate , professional, and supportive.
more importantly he cares about each individual he comes in contact with, and I’m saying it from real personal experience!
when you find yourself in a tough situation like getting arrested it can be very traumatic process , especially when you don’t have much or at all experience in criminal justice system. just getting in touch with Anthony was huge relief for me. I was able to reach him on Sunday night around 10pm and he answered right away and was able to bail me out within 2 hours or less. He drove me home and made sure I was ok and safe which was very kind of him!
I couldn’t be more grateful to him that night.
Anthony knows his stuff really well and just talking to him gives this reassurance that everything is fine. He guided me through the process and gave available advice along the way.
Above all Anthony is just a great human being, and even after bailing me out I would text and call him and he was always available for me even for personal life advice, like a real true friend!
it’s hard to come by these days with kind-hearted people, most of them want nothing but your money, but doing good deeds at the same time as their profession is rare. I will be forever grateful for him and what he did for me. I highly recommend in any way possible can, let’s hope we don’t need it but in case he’s the guy you want to call.

J Powell - Gastonia NC

Anthony was on time and help my family in an obviously difficult situation. I would highly recommend Anthony

Immediately upon taking my call, Anthony was on top of things and already in the process of helping me out. He listened to my side of the story and for the first time all day treated me like another human being. He got right to work and got me out of there as quickly as he could and he saved me a lot of grief. Without him, my situation would have been much worse and who knows how my current life situation would stand had he not taken my call.

After getting out, Anthony kept up with my case but more importantly he kept up with me as a person and gave as much advice and support as he could and it really went a long way in helping me keep my cool during this whole debacle.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s nobody better to speak with if you find yourself in some trouble and you need help fast.

I know this is a business but there was literally nobody else that was even willing to come close to what Anthony did for me and because of that, I will always appreciate and respect him and his work.

Thanks so much Anthony.

V Parker - Shelby NC